Virtual Territoires @ ZHdK

Join the Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans for a unique day-long event at the ZHdK dedicated to VR and immersive storytelling, featuring some of the most innovative VR works from Swiss and International creators – along with a panel discussing the past, present and future of financing Swiss digital creation.


Exhibition : VR works and experiences // 10am – 9pm 

Workshop on Virtual Reality and Immersive Film by Focal // 10am - 5pm

Panel : "Past, present and future of financing Swiss digital creation" // 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Speakers :

Doris Fiala                  Member of the Swiss National Council FDP/PLR, Zurich

Sami Kanaan             Administrative Councillor of the City of Geneva, in charge of Culture and Sports

Gérard Ruey               Secretary-General, Cinéforom

Sven Waelti                Head of coproductions, SRG SSR

Daniel Wasser            Secretary-General, Zürcher Filmstiftung

Happy hour and party starting at 7:30pm 

This exhibition and panel are organised by the Geneva International Film Festival Tous Ecrans, together with its partners Pro Helvetia, ZHdK Cast and Audio-Visual Media, Swiss Digital Alliance, Swiss Fiction Movement, Zurich für den Film.

Exhibition programme

A 360° look at the Swiss music prize

Jonathan Droz, Federal Office of culture, Switzerland, 2017, 5min

A 360° virtual-reality film has been produced, showcasing the Swiss Music Prize in all its musical diversity. Join 11 winners from the last three years on a virtual journey through this prestigious award.


Eloy Martinez, ZHdK, Switzerland, 2017

ANGST360 is an immersive experience about fear. The visitor dives into the topic through different transmedial chapters. Text and video present facts and protagonists who discuss their fears. The highlight of the experience are the 360° videos, through which the visitor’s senses are directly confronted with fear.

A proximal visit

Nicolas Büschi, Switzerland / Hong-Kong, 2017

During our visit to Hong Kong in July 2016, a collaboration with Melissa Cate Christ, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and Nicolas Büchi of the Cast / Audiovisual Media program at ZHdK emerged. As a first proof of concept, several 360° videos were produced on different stairs in Hong Kong. As Melissa has interesting and specialised input to contribute to each stair video, a collaboration and VR extension to the exhibition is envisioned, and outlined below.


Penrose, United States,  2016, 15 min, o.v. en

Allumette tells the story of a young orphan girl who lives in a fantastical city in the clouds. After enduring tragedy, she grasps at hope for her future. Loosely inspired by "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen, Allumette is an account of the love a mother and daughter have for one another, and the sacrifices they make for the greater good.

Ashes to Ashes

Ingejan Ligthart Schenk, Jamille van Wijngaarden, Steye Hallema, Netherlands, 2017, 11 min, o.v. en

Ashes to Ashes is a surreal, tragicomedy in virtual reality about how a dysfunctional family handles the dying wish of their grandfather. Seen through the ‘eyes’ of the deceased –the urn containing the ashes– this short VR film gives a unique point of view on a bizarre set of family relationships that are ready to blow up. We witness how each family member drops their pretences to reveal the full extent of their dishonesty. Ultimately, Ashes to Ashes is about choosing your own reality, your imagination, your world.

DMZ: Memories of a No Man’s Land

Hayoun Kwon, France, 2015, 11 min, o.v. en

DMZ: Memories of a No Man’s Land takes the viewer to a place where they are forbidden to go: The Korean Demilitarized Zone, a strip of land about 248 km long and 4 km wide that separates North and South Korea. In this revealing VR documentary you will discover the zone through the memory of a former soldier.

Dernière Mission Avant Départ

Julien Bittner, France, 2016, 7 min, o.v. fr

Dernière Mission Avant Départ is a VR spin-off of award-winning TV series Le Bureau des Légendes. Featuring Mathieu Kassovitz, the 360 film has been shot from a first-person POV and puts the user in the shoes of an aspiring counter-terrorism agent about to go on a final test mission. Through his eyes, you will be hitting the streets of Paris, escaping surveillance and placing a bug in a room of a Parisian palace.

Drawing Room

Jan Rothuizen, Sara Kolster, Juul Spee, Harm van de Ven, Netherlands, 2015, 7 min, o.v. en

Artist and illustrator Jan Rothuizen is invited by a big Dutch department store. He is offered a room at the top of the building, overlooking the city. From this real-life situation, Rothuizen creates a unique autobiographical VR experience.

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

Oscar Raby,  Australia, 2016, 13 min, o.v. en

Willie McNeive was 19 in 1916, when he took part in the Easter Rising, a bloody event in Irish history of which he left an oral testimony. Immerse yourselves in the rebel’s memories thanks to this fascinatingly beautiful piece of work.

EWA, Out Of Body

Johan Knattrup Jensen, Mads Damsbo, Denmark, 2016, 8 min, o.v. en 

Relive a traumatic event in the life of Ewa, a teenager bullied by her mother. First through her own eyes, then out of her body. After the fascinating Doghouse, Makropol returns with a project that demonstrates the whole narrative potential of VR. Striking.

Firebird – La Péri 

Balthazar Auxietre, France, 2016, 15 min, o.v. en

Pioneer of French VR, Balthazar Auxietre immerses us in a work where music, dance and cinema converge to shape a new entertainment experience, both ethereal and sensual. Enter the magic world of La Péri.

Gotthard 360 

Dominik  Born, Hanna  Wick, Matthias  Taugwalder, Sylke  Gruhnwald, Switzerland, 2016, 8 min, o.v. en

The Gotthard is a 57-kilometer long train tunnel of cables and concrete that dives deep into the mountain. A mesmerising and addictive experience, this VR film by Swiss-German TV immerses us in a 360° perspective on this passage through the Alps.

I, Philip

Pierre Zandrowicz, France, 2016, 14 min, o.v. en

Twenty-three years after Philip K. Dick’s death in 2005, David Hanson unveils his first humanoid android. Experience the memories of what might have been the writer’s final love story. ARTE makes its grand entrance into VR production.

Longing for Wilderness 

Marc  Zimmermann, Germany, 2016, 3 min, no dialogue

A fast-paced journey from the dirty pavements of a noisy city to idyllic natural landscapes before cooling off. Express meditation about life and death, which incidentally is also a counter-cultural green VR project.

Notes on Blindness : Into Darkness

Arnaud Colinart, Amaury La Burthe, Peter Middleton, James Spinney, France/Great Britain, 2016, 20-25 min, o.v. en

Notes on Blindness - Into Darkness is an interactive virtual reality project based on the audio diaries of writer and academic John Hull, who- after decades of steady deterioration – became totally blind in 1983. It offers a sensory and psychological journey into “a world beyond sight”.


Charles Ayats, Armand  Lemarchand, Marc-Antoine Mathieu, France, 2016, 30 min, no dialogue

SENS VR is a poetic journey into the world of graphic novel author Marc-Antoine Mathieu. A combination of video game and classic comic book, animation film and waking dream, his work combines genres and stands at the crossroads of the past and the future.


apelab, Swizterland, 2014-2015, 10 min, o.v. en

In a world where there is only one city left on Earth, recons are sent out to find lost populations. Sam, one such recon, meets Raven, a 13 year-old orphan who’s grown up in nature and whose DNA predestins her to become humanity’s Guardian. Their journey together will reveal many secrets about Raven’s origins as she discovers the true colors of Earth’s safest place.Sequenced is the first animated interactive series on 360° for virtual reality headsets. The story adapts in real time to the user’s focus: the characters and environment react to the user’s presence in each scene.


Philipp Maas, Dominik Stockhausen, Alexander Maas, Germany, 2016, 6 min, no dialogue

A drone discovers an unknown asteroid. On its journey over the rocky surface it receives a strange signal. To locate its source the drone ventures deep into an ancient labyrinth. A place that holds a secret even darker than space itself.

The Invisible Man

Hugo Keijzer, Netherlands, 2016, 10 min, o.v. en

Nick and Kid have half a million euros in heroine stashed in an upstate barn. But they also have a debt to pay – to Frank. When Frank suddenly shows up at their’ hideout, they have no choice but to oblige in a sadistic game of Russian Roulette. Each click of the chamber reveals a little bit more about each character in the room.

The Roop – Not Too Late

The Roop, Wide Wings, Lithuania, 2015, 5 min, o.v. en

What would happen if virtual reality and character animation were combined? In this dreamy 360° music video, set in wilderness of Lithuanian coast, the viewer goes back to the childhood. A hide and seek, whistling a song, absolute freedom – all the memories become vivid again and enriched by sea creatures. To be a child is not too late.


Joost Jordens, Mike von Rotz, Netherlands, 2016, 8 min, no dialogue

When two students from the Utrecht School of the Arts meet ambient musicians Kettel & Secede, the result is a meditative journey into a world that evokes the metaphysical inclinations of Jodorowsky and Moebius. Mesmerising.

VR Noir : A Day Before the Night

Nathan Anderson, Martin Taylor, Mike Jones, Australia, 2016, 10 minutes, o.v. en

VR Noir: A Day Before The Night is an interactive crime thriller. Audiences are invited to play the role of detective Veronica Coltrane, a burnt out private detective with mounting debts and a dark past. Throughout the investigation, audiences are caught up in a high stakes drama, compelled to engage with local characters and virtual environments, forced to make difficult choices, solve puzzles and use their powers of observation to propel the storyline forward.


apelab, Switzerland, 2016, 1 min, o.v. en

This clever virtual reality game designed by apelab’s talents is a spin-off of Cannes sensation and Swiss nominee for the Oscars, My Life as a Zucchini. The aim? To stop the film’s characters from destroying the set!

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