The festival’s 22nd edition guests, by section

Jury feature films

Michel Merkt - producer (CH)
Miss Dirty Martini – actress, dancer and choreographer (US)
Denis Lavant - actor (FR)
Slimane Dazi - actor (FR)
Danielle Arbid - director, actress and photographer (FR, LB)
Jury VR works
Vincent Ravalec - writer, director and producer (FR)
Georgy Molodtsov - director, VR programmer and social media entrepreneur (RU)
Toby Coffey - head of digital development, National Theatre, London (UK)
Baptiste Planche - producer and entrepreneur (CH)
Katayoun Dibamehr - new media programmer for the FNC eXPlore section, Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal (CA)
Jury TV series and web series

Måns Mårlind – scriptwriter, TV series creator and director creator (SE)
Virginie Sauveur – scriptwriter, director and producer (FR)
Romain Graf – director and scriptwriter (CH)
Jury shorts and musicvideos

Pascale Faure – short programmes and creation director, CANAL+ (FR)
Kristian Marr – musician, actor (UK)
Para One – DJ, music producer and director (FR)

Young jury – VR works

Zhu Yanwen (CN)
Wang Dazhang (CN)
Chen Meiying (CN)
Feng Wanyue (CN)
Chen Yichao (CN)

of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
Geneva Digital Market Guests

Gilles Marchand (RTS) / François Tron (RTBF) / Stan van Engelen (VPRO) / Nico Daswani (World Economic Forum) / Dominik Born (SRF) / Florence Sala (Studio+) / Ségolène Zaug (France Télévisions) / Adrienne Frejacques (ARTE France) / Gilles Freissinier (ARTE France) / Bruno Risgallah (6PLAY - M6 Group) / Cécile Quéniart (TV5MONDE) / Claude-Eric Poiroux (Europa Cinemas) / Laurent Dutoit (Europa Distribution) / Elisha Karmitz (MK2 agency) / Jan Kounen (E-Moovie) / Vincent Ravalec (Les Films du Garage) / Michel Reilhac (writer and VR films director) / Emilie Joly (apelab) / Pilar Anguita-Mackay (creator) / Nina Dögg Filippusdóttir (creator) / Pierre de Clercq (creator) / Viktor Taus (creator) / Julien Bagourd (RTS) / Patrick Suhner (RTS) / Claire Leproust (FabLabChannel) / Voyelle Acker (independant producer) / Richard Nockles (VR specialist, director, VR Studios) / Gilles Jobin (choreographer) / Fabrice Aragno (Casa Azul) / Edgar Pêra (3x3D director) / Vincent Lucassen (Under The Milky Way) / Antoine Cayrol (Okio-Studio), Nicolás Alcalá (founder of Future Lighthouse) / Yue (Luna) Yuan (XIAOMI VR) / Alexandrine Stehelin (Small Bang) / Sander Winters (co-founder ENVERSED) / Sabine Himmelsbach (HeK) / Alexandra Adler (HEK) /  Caroline Hirt (muda) / Alfredo Salazar-Caro (DiMoDA) / Veronika Liebl (ars electonica) / Aaron Wileman (Imaginative Exposure) / Jimmy Gagné (Studio C1C4) / Benoît Tariel (Bayard Presse) / Eleanor Coleman (Indie Sales)
International features competition

Lukas Valenta Rinner (director) for Los Decentes (A Decent Woman)
Johnny Ma (director) for Lao Shi (Old Stone)
Thomas Scimeca (actor) & Thomas de Pourquery (actor) for Apnée
Emmanuel Parraud (director) & Cédric Walter (producer) for Sac la mort
Olivier Babinet (director) for Swagger
Khavn de la Cruz (director) for Alipato : The Very Brief Life of an Ember
Tamer El Saïd (director) for In the last Days of the City

International shorts competition

Louise Carrin (réalisatrice) for Venusia
Maxime Rappaz (réalisateur) for L’Été
Aude Py (réalisatrice) for Splendid
International TV series competition

Annette Hess (creator) for Ku’damm 56 – Rebel with a Cause
Nina Dögg Filippusdóttir (co-creator) & Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir (co-creator) for Prisoners
Pierre de Clerq (creator) for Amigos
Mette Heeno (creator) & Mie Andreasen (producer) for Splitting Up Together
Viktor Tauš (creator) for Blue Shadows
Gábor Krigler (creator) for Golden Life
Philip Fleischman (producer) for The Girlfriend Experience
International VR works competition

Joost Jordens (creator) for Transition
Juul Spee (creator) for Drawing Room
Greg Barth (creator) for The Future of Music
Piers Mussared (producer) for Stuck In The Middle With You
Julian Reyes (creator) for Mars 2030
Marie Blondiaux (producer) for SENS VR
Dan Tucker for Easter Rising : Voice of a Rebel
Jeremy Moirano for Firebird – La Péri
Highlight Screenings

Cristian Mungiu (director) for Bacalaureat (Graduation)
Adolpho Arrietta (director) for Belle Dormant (Sleeping Beauty)
Michel Merkt (producer) for (re)Assignment and Boris sans Béatrice (Boris Without Béatrice), and Vape Wave
Denis Lavant (actor) for Boris sans Béatrice (Boris Without Béatrice)
Rien que pour vos yeux

Alix Cailler, Jacques Cormary and Mattia Lucchini (members of Odezenne) for Subland
Jan Kounen (director), Marc Obéron & Quentin Daniel (producers) for Vape Wave
Kristian Marr (actor) for Malgré la nuit
Film & Beyond Award

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, director and contemporary artist
Stereoscopia, a History of 3D

Gilles Jobin (choreographer, director), Sylvie Fleury (scenery), Franz Treichler (music), Jean-Paul Lespagnard (costumes), Patrick Tresch (cinematography), Suzanna Panadés Diaz (dancer), Martin Roehrich (dancer) for WOMB
Fabrice Aragno (chief operator) pour 3x3D
Edgar Pêra (director) for O Espectador Espantado (The Amazed Spectator) and 3x3D
Consuelo Frauenfelder (co-director) & Stefan Lauper (director) for La Nouvelle vague

Nuits blanches

Teblebooster (DJ) for Gimme Danger Opening Party
Chloé (DJ) for Touche Française Party (DJ set and web series)
D V I A (DJ) for Touche Française Party
Club des Astronomes (DJs) for Cosmic Love Party
Larytta (DJ) for Music Videos Night
Criket (DJ) for Music Videos Night
Mr. Cheeky & The Dude of Stratosphear (DJ) for No Karaoke Thai Closing Party
Digital out of competition

Marte Roel & Artur Pointeau for The Machine to be Another
Jan van Gijsel for ISOS
Cinéastes, de notre temps: the unreleased

Gaëlle Vidalie (director), André S. Labarthe et Danielle Anezin (editor) for No Return: Raffi Pitts
André S. Labarthe (réalisateur) et Danielle Anezin (editor) for Rouben Mamoulian – Lost and Found
Fabrizio Polpettini (producer) & André S. Labarthe for Parle-moi encore
André S. Labarthe for Un, parfois deux...
André S. Labarthe for Le Réveil des ombres. Une histoire du nouveau cinéma chinois


Julien Fournier
Philippe Loranchet