Focus UK

For the British, television has always been closely linked to the silver screen. The BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky have all contributed to the triumph of talents like Ken Loach, Stephen Frears and Mike Leigh. In Leigh’s case, it can even be said that television was a way to exist artistically for the seventeen long years between his first film Bleak Moments and his second cinema feature film, High Hopes. The festival will be paying tribute to this cultural and political recovery by screening the last two TV films directed by Mike Leigh: Meantime (with Tim Roth and Gary Oldman) and Four Days in July (with Stephen Rea).

British television stands by its approach, as the Jarman Award perfectly illustrates. Winners of this prize are given the freedom of expression to produce a programme for Channel 4. The resulting works have included the prestigious made-for-television film Burton and Taylor starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter and Top of the Lake, the latest work by Jane Campion, of which the full series will be shown during a marathon festival screening.

Marie-Elisabeth Deroches-Miles (television series programme planner, FTE) and Nick Edwards (Financial Times, The Guardian) will lead a round table with British audio-visual executives, producers and scriptwriters to discuss the art of making television and their own specific styles.

Festival Tous Ecrans also wishes to highlight typically British “thinking outside the box” through two fascinating experimental films by the artist Matt Hulse: Dummy Jim, a film made to be “heard” by the deaf, and The Audible Picture Show, an extraordinary endeavour in "blind" cinema.