Reflet d’Or for Best Feature offered by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva : CHF 10’000
Diego Star by Frédérick Pelletier (Canada/Belgium, 2013)
The decision for the award of best International feature film to Frédérick Pelletier’s Diego Star is unanimous. Despite fierce competition the jury has decided to give the prize based upon the remarkable assuredness of the direction in its handling of the sensitive and insightful script, as well as, the performances of all actors involved.

A special mention is given to L’Armée du Salut (Salvation Army) by Abdellah Taïa (France/ Switzerland/ Morocco, 2013)
The jury would like to give a special mention to the film L’Armée du Salut (Salvation Army) by Abdellah Taïa, for its brave and intelligent evocation of contemporary Moroccan life and the journey of the protagonist in the film. 

TV5MONDE Award for best French-language feature: acquisition
Les Déferlantes by Eléonore Faucher (France, 2013) 
Les Déferlantes uses a hostile and spectacular setting wich exacerbates this mysterious and intriguing family drama, with talented actors. 

Reflet d’Or for Best International Short : CHF 1’500
Dentro by Emiliano Rocha Minter (Mexico, 2012)
The Mexican director manages to provoke a deeply emotional response using a captivating soundtrack, lack of dialogue, realistic black and white camerawork and a skilful narrative to tell a mysterious tale that reverberates within each viewer. Dentro is a radical, gripping, unpredictable cinematographic work.

A special mention is given to Lágy eső  (Soft Rain) de Dénes Nagy (Hungary / Belgium, 2013
Lágy eső  (Soft Rain) makes a strong impression by telling the simple story of an orphan teenager who falls in love with a classmate in the setting of the Hungarian countryside. The intensity of its actors - all amateurs - combined with the perfect suitability of its structure and rhythm, and the finesse and maturity of its mise-en-scène, make this an unforgettable experience. A visceral film.

RTS award for Best International Short : acquisition
17 anni (Age 17) by Filippo Demarchi (Switzerland, 2013)
For its intense and delicate description of the inner conflict caused by the affirmation of one’s orientation.



Reflet d’Or for Best TV Series offered by the City of Geneva and the State of Geneva: : CHF 10’000
Rectify de Ray McKinnon (Etats-Unis, 2012)
The story of a man released after many years in prison for a crime he did not commit, is a deeply resonant, at times painful, at times lyrical account of what it means to be a human being, especially when the freedom we take for granted can be cruelly taken away. Rectify’s portrayal of a man returning to his small home town with his innocence still in question, and its awakening of mixed emotions and old prejudices is achieved with great insight and narrative skill.



Reflet d’Or for Best Transmedia Work offered by the State of Geneva : CHF 10’000 
Emilie  by Jean-Christophe Yacono, Guillaume Lonergan (Canada, 2012)
The transmedia jury for Festival Tous Ecrans 2013 is pleased to award this year’s honors to Emilie, as the project which best demonstrated the potential for crafting a coherent and compelling experience across multiple platforms, with each platform making a unique and meaningful contribution to the overall narrative. We feel that special recognition is due to Emilie for using the unique capabilities of film, web video and online interaction to create an experience that would not have been possible, or as compelling, without using each of these media. 

Reflet d’Or for Best Web Series offered by Sunrise : CHF 3’000
El gran día de los feos (The Great day of the ugly ones) by Nabil Chabaan, David Tesouro (Spain, 2013)
El gran día de los feos (The Great day of the ugly ones) stands out above other series in terms of it’s great originality among it’s many other attributes. It’s a series that is able to provoke thought whilst always remaining very entertaining. Whilst set in a colorful futuristic Spanish environment, it appeals to a world-wide audience, and has blended genres of sci-fi, comedy and action. The series has been well produced and constructed as a story. It’s re-watchable, and surely many people are waiting to see the next episodes to come. 

Youth Jury Award for Best Transmedia Work : honorific
About:Kate by Janna Nandzik (Germany, 2013)
Through its participative aspect, the project About:Kate perfectly illustrates a transmedia approach - notably in the way internet user contributions develop the themes highlighted in the series.  What’s more, this project explores questions of identity in an ultra connected world, which allows for an identification with the off-the-wall, funny and endearing character Kate Harff.