de Costa-Gravas • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
France, 2012, 114', vo ang/ fr , st ang/ fr

Thursday 8 , 19h30, Arditi En présence de l'équipe.

Closing ceremony film : Le Capital tells the story of the unstoppable rise of Marc Tourneuil, an expendable servant of capital who becomes its undisputed master. As the new CEO of Phenix Bank, the largest in Europe, he claims to his board «I'm your new Robin Hood! We'll keep on robbing the poor to give to the rich.» We are slaves to capital. We shake when it gets shaky. We rejoice when it grows and triumphs. Who will set us free? Should we liberate ourselves? At the very least we should know those who serve it and how.»

Out of competition

Scénario: Costa-Gravas, Jean-Claude Grumberg • Image: Eric Gautier • Montage: Clément Guégan • Musique: Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen • Son: Desjonqueres • Avec: Gad Elmaleh, Gabriel Byrne . • Production:Michèle Ray-Gavras • Distribution:Praesens Film AG