de Jeremy Weller, Jenle Hallund • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
Danemark, 2010, 65', vo danois , st ang/ fr

Monday 5 , 18h30, Grütli Langlois En présence de l'équipe.

Eight young people of immigrant origin attempt to tread the path between conflicting cultures; the culture that brought them into the world, and the alien culture that surrounds them. As the young performers act out their stories, the division between their real lives and the drama they create blurrs and finally breaks down. Angry and confused, they are locked in a desperate and moving struggle for their own identity.
Presentation of the project Gesamt before the projection!

Out of competition

Scénario:Image: Thomas Gerhardt • Montage: Anders Refn • Son: Matias La Cour • Avec: Immad Allan, Henok Bereket, Yahia Abu Hassan. • Production:Zentropa Entertainments (• Distribution:Zentropa Entertainments (