de Henrik Ruben Genz • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
Danemark, 2012, 90', vo danois , st ang/ fr

Monday 5 , 20h30, Grütli Langlois En présence de l'équipe.

A rugged comedy about finding your place in life, starring the beautiful but confused Helene who, according to her mother, was born as a 'technical error'. Helene suspects that her father, who left his family before Helene was born, might be the once celebrated director of a crumbling theater in Copenhagen. Assisted by a series of bizarre coincidences and her mother's dog - a creature in whose shadow Helene has always lived - the girl manages to get closer to the man she imagines sired her.

Out of competition

Scénario: Maja Jul Larsen, Henrik Ruben Genz • Image: Sebastian Blenkov • Montage: Kasper Leick • Musique: Karsten Fundal, Kare Bjerko • Son: Roar Skau Olsen • Avec: Sara Hjort, Nicolas Bro, Stine Stengade. • Production:Fine & Mellow Rights (• Distribution:Fine & Mellow Rights (