de Carlo Ledesma, Shane Abbess, Marc Furmie, Andrew Traucki •
Australie, 2012, 5' - 5' - 5', vo ang , st fr

Tuesday 6 , 20h00, Fonction:Cinéma

People without a scratch are collapsing and dying. Unless someone can work out what is going on the death toll will continue to rise. Seven interconnected stories of people caught up in an event way bigger than they are.

Scénario: Matthew C. Vaughan, Greta Harrison • Image: Shing Fung Cheung, Steve Davis, Tania Lambert • Montage: Enzo Tedeschi, Julian Harvey, Carlo Ledesma • Musique: Paul Dawkins • Son: Sasha Zastavnikovic • Avec: Zoe Carides, Valentino Del Toro, Harry Pavlidis. • Production:Distracted Media (• Distribution:Distracted Media (