de Gideon Raff • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
Israël, 2009, 44', vo hébreu , st ang/ fr

Sunday 4 , 14h30, Arditi

After 17 years in captivity in Lebanon, three IDF soldiers are freed as part of a prisoners exchange. Two of them return alive. This gripping series follows the reintroduction of these deeply traumatised and changed men both to their families and to contemporary Israel, where they are fêted as unwilling national heroes. Soon there is growing suspicion from IDF psychologists that the freed men are hiding a secret that could endanger national security.

Out of competition

Scénario: Gideon Raff • Image: Itay Ne'Eman • Montage: Simon Herman • Musique: Avraham Tal, Adi Goldstein • Son: Arie Ben Weiss • Avec: Yoram Toledano, Ishai Golan, Assi Cohen . • Production:Keshet Films