de Julian Jarrold •
United Kingdom, 2011, 2 x 69', vo english , st fr

Wednesday 7 , 20h00, Grütli Langlois
Thursday 8 , 14h00, Grütli Simon

A psychological thriller based on the true story of the unusual relationship between serial killer Fred West (Dominic West – The Wire) and his “appropriate adult” Janet Leach (Emily Watson – Gosford Park). After volunteering as West's appropriate adult – a person from the community who assists vulnerable adults facing criminal charges – Janet finds herself sitting with West during his highly-charged police interviews. He draws her deeper into his mind games and refuses to cooperate with the authorities. Despite fearing for her own mental stability, Janet is driven by her sense of duty to the victims and their families to discover the truth.

Scénario: Neil Mckay • Image: Tony Slater-Ling • Montage: Andrew Hulme • Musique: Dan Jones • Son: John Hughes • Avec: Emily Watson, Dominic West, Monica Dolan. • Production:ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment (• Distribution:ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment (