de Frank Chiche • World Premiere / Première Mondiale
France, 2012, 85', vo fr , st ang

Monday 5 , 19h00, Grütli Simon En présence de l'équipe.

On the night of April 21st 1961, in an attempt to halt the policy implemented by General de Gaulle which led to Algeria's independence, the 1st Foreign Regiment of Parachutists took power in Algiers. At the same time, Malika, Jacquot and Thomas prepare to face their future. All three of them are between 20 and 30, all love Algeria but each in different ways. An innovative historical animation.

Scénario: Frank Chiche, Georges Fleury • Image: Bruno Romiguière • Montage: Frank Chiche, Laurence Bawedin • Musique: Rachid Taha • Son: Mathias Léone, Shorty • Avec: Karyll Elgrichi, François Debock, Damien Zanoly. • Production:Magnificat Films (• Distribution:ARTE France (