de Leila Albayaty • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
Belgique, 2012, 80', vo fr , st ang

Monday 5 , 14h00, Grütli Simon
Tuesday 6 , 21h15, Grütli Simon

Leila is a singer-songwriter who lives in Brussels. When Antoine, the man she is in love with, suddenly walks out on her for another woman, she leaves to start a new life in Berlin. She takes just a small electric keyboard and her camcorder. Before closing the door of her apartment for the last time, she films herself in the mirror, vowing, one day, to send Antoine the images of her new life. It will be her revenge. It's a musical road-movie with Leila as our guide. A story of crossing paths, re-learning to live, and opening yourself up to the world.

Scénario: Leila Albayaty • Image: Christophe Boukaerts Et Michel Balague • Montage: Anne-Laure Guegan • Musique: Leila Albayaty • Son: Mikael Barre • Avec: Leila Albayaty, , Hana Al Bayaty, Eric Menard. • Production:STEMPEL (