de Pablo Fischerman • International Premiere / Première Internationale
Argentine, 2012, 48', vo espagnol , st ang/ fr

Monday 5 , 13h15, Grütli Langlois

El Pacto explores the dark years of Argentina's military dictatorship during which individuals - still at the head of leading corporations today - used their ties with the regime to seize assets from their fellow citizens. Lucia Córdova's investigation into a company's suspicious liquidation goes far beyond merely exposing business fraud, with profound repercussions for herself and her family.

Scénario: Marcelo Camano • Image: Jorge Dumitre • Montage: Javier Garcia Blaya • Musique: Javier Garcia Blaya • Son: Juan Ignacio Donati • Avec: Cecilia Roth, Federico Luppi, Luis Ziembrowski. • Production:TOSTAKI, ORUGA CINE (• Distribution:INCAA