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Since it was founded in 1995, the Geneva International Fiction Film Festival has been keenly following developments in audiovisual practices, from television to cell phones to the web. To familiarize our different audiences with these new practices, Tous Ecrans is inaugurating the New Wave Forum this year. As a showcase for new ideas and a spawning ground for pioneering projects, this forum, which spans both storytelling and transmedia, trends aims to reveal the best current creations as well as budding potential.
In order to meet this challenge and ensure innovation is accessible to everyone, the New Wave Forum will offer both amateurs and professionals a multidisciplinary program representing the different aspects of current audiovisual creation. Directors, producers, screenwriters, designers, experts and journalists will join in conferences-round tables, master classes and introductory workshops, as well as attend certain screenings. Tous Ecrans is the place to be for visionary artists and audiences who venture beyond: don't miss this opportunity to surprise yourself!