Interactive fiction and documentaries are the very latest formats made possible by technological advances. As a cross between films and video games, they draw on the aesthetics of traditional film then add audio, graphics, hypermedia and video from the web. These functions enable users to participate and intervene directly in the story. In this respect, the interactive fiction and documentaries at the Tous Ecrans Festival are a laboratory for observing and experimenting with new audiovisual trends. 



de Clément Cogitore •
FRANCE, 2011, 90 MINUTES , vo fr , st ang

Interactive investigative web doc, based around the Bielutine's ancient art collection. An intriguing narrative and sensorial experience.

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de Darius Devas •
Australia/India, 2011, , vo ang , st fr

People who shared a common space and time in hippy-trail Goa are re-uniting after more than 30 years, via Facebook.

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de Cliff Osmond •
Etats-Unis, 2012, , vo english , st fr

Found footage of video evidence captured during the paranormal investigation of the haunted Blaylock residence in South Pasadena. Produced and written by the creator of the hit HBO cult-series, Carnivále.

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de Katerina Cizek •
Canada, 2010, , vo ang , st fr

HIGHRISE: Out My Window is one of the world's first interactive 360º documentaries, delivered entirely on the web. Featuring 49 stories from 13 cities, it explores our urban planet through the view from highrise windows.

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de Benjamin Nuel •
France, 2012, , vo fr , st ang

In a strange hotel surrounded by a park, peace now reigns between terrorists and police escaped from a video game. An absurd comedy in the shape of a catastrophe film, "Hotel" is a multi-platform project consisting of a 10 part series, an installation and an explorable virtual world.

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