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Festival Director

As a promoter and director of international events for over 20 years, Swiss-American Claudia Durgnat has produced top-level festivals in the fields of film, music, the arts and education.

Her passion for event organization and artistic expression continues to inspire her to promote artists and their work as well as cultural exchanges between Switzerland and abroad. Amongst others, Claudia has worked for the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Festival of the 5 Senses (Los Angeles), the COLCOA French Film Festival (Hollywood), the documentary film festival for the Union for International Cancer Control (Reel Lives, Geneva) and the MEIFF, Middle East International Film Festival (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates).

In 2010, Claudia Durgnat was hired to direct Tous Ecrans in Geneva, a festival in tune with current cinematographic developments in fiction for cinema, TV, web and cell phone screens.

“Tous Ecrans is a wonderful challenge, with real potential in the broad visual media landscape. Through all these screens, it makes the world of film even richer while simultaneously exploring the fascinating subject of changing cinematographic expression. I am delighted to welcome an ever-widening audience to experience the wonderful adventure of this festival which, like its theme, must also continually evolve.”

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