Swissperform Award

The Swissperform Award was established nine years ago in order to honour the best television film made in Switzerland, and is now widening its scope to include television series, as well. Cinema Tous Ecrans is happy to be hosting the Swissperform awards for best actor and best actress again this year.

Best actress: Therese Affolter, Isabelle Caillat, Emanuela von Frankenberg

Best actor: Paulo Dos Santos, Stefan Kurt, Herbert Leiser

The ceremony will take place on November 2nd after a roundtable discussion/workshop on “Role playing and filmmaking, two points of view” organized by Focal

Projection du film primé Meilleur Comédien le 5 nov à 14h00, Fonction:Cinéma

Projection du film primé Meilleure Comédienne le 5 nov à 16h30, Fonction:Cinéma



Der letzte Weynfeldt (téléfilm)

De Alain Gsponer, C-Film, 2010, 93'

Nominés : Anne Marie Duringer, Stefan Kurt

Adrian Weynfeldt, an art expert from a rich family, lives a well-adjusted and exemplary life in Zurich high society. One evening, however, he succumbs to the charms of a mysterious young woman, and his perfect world begins to fall apart…This is the film version of the book oby the same title by Martin Suter. The Last Weynfeldt is an enigmatic and surprising film, an admirable mixture of romance and thriller.


DIX (série)

De Jean-Laurent Chautems

Light Night/RTS, 2010, 2x 26’

Nominés : Séverine Bujard, Paulo Dos Santos, Natacha Koutchoumov, Sophie Lukasik, Philippe Mathey, Martin Rapold, Alice Rey, Bastien Semenzato, Bruno Todeschini

Ten people are sitting around a poker table on New Year’s Eve. Is it a friendly get-together? Considering the amounts of money and the looks that are being exchanged, it doedn't really look like it. But then, who are these people and what are they doing here? Between all the intrigues and secrets, the only thing that's really clear is that some of the players are in it for more than just poker…


Frühling im Herbst (téléfilm)

De Petra Volpe, Zodiac Pictures, 2009, 91’

Nominés : Therese Affolter, Pablo Aguilar, Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Suly Röthlisberger

Leni Glanzmann is a 55-year-old, hard-working baker. Every morning, she gets up at 3 a.m. to bake bread along with her son, hoping for the day that he will finally find a wife with whom he can take over the bakery. But then Toni Alvarez, an Argentinean tango teacher, comes into her life...

Hunkeler und der Fall Livius (téléfilm)

De Stefan Jäger, Snakefilm, 2009, 91’

Nominés : Buddy Elias, Mathias Gnädiger, Jean-Pierre Gos, Charlotte Heinimann, Jürg Löw, Henner Russius, Enzo Scanzi, Gilles Tschudi

In a Basel garden located in French territory, an old man called Livius is shot and killed. As Police Superintendent Hunkeler is not allowed to work outside of Switzerland, he has to team up with his Alsatian counterpart, Bardet. A suspect is presented, but Hunkeler makes an astonishing discovery: the dead man was once called Schmidt, and he had a troubled past back during World War II….


Sinestesia (téléfilm)

De Erik Bernasconi, Imagofilm, 2010, 90’

Nominés : Leonardo Nigro, Melanie Winiger, Giorgia Wurth

Life changes dramatically for Alan, his wife Françoise, his mistress Michela and his best friend Igor when Alan becomes wheelchair-bound in an accident. In four chapters each presenting a different cinematographic approach and point of view, the feelings of the four young people are shown with all their ups and downs.


Sonntagsvierer (téléfilm)

De Sabine Boss, Zodiac Pictures, 2010, 91’

Nominés : Heidi Maria Glössner, Walter Hess, Herbert Leiser, Klaus Wildbolz, Melanie Winiger

Scheidegger, Häggli, Welliker and Brandt are four retired friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time. They get together for a weekend of golf and to talk about the past. Although they are rather stubborn individualists, all four begin to rediscover their old friendship. But then Scheidegger confides in the others, telling them that he is ill and that he would like to die…


T’es Pas La Seule! (série)

De Pierre-Antoine Hiroz, Rita Productions, 2009, 2x 26’

Nominés : Séverine Bujard, Isabelle Caillat, Damien Dorsaz, Elodie Frenck, Thierry Jorand, Natacha Koutchoumov, Pascal Vincent

Eve, a young urban mother, inherits an eccentric aunt’s vineyard. She takes on this challenge head-on, all the while dealing with the unexpected return of her ex-top model sister, her husband’s burn-out, opposition from her children, meeting a sexy wine expert not to mention coping with a jealous neighbor, macho winemakers, an unexpected heir, and the opinionated ghost of her aunt, who will stop at nothing to protect her former property...


Verstrickt und zugenäht (téléfilm)

De Walter Weber, Triluna Film, 2010, 91’

Nominés : Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Heidi-Marisa Glössner, Marie Leuenberger, Sandra Utzinger, Emanuela Von Frankenberg

"Farewell" – that’s all that is written in the note the female workers at the Rittmeyer sock factory find one morning in the director’s office. Their boss has run off, taking all the money and his girlfriend with him. The workers respond by trying to find new ways to save their jobs.