Best Swiss Short Competition


de Jean-Laurent Chautems • Première suisse
Suisse, 2010, Ep. 1&2, 2X26’ , vo fr , st ang

On New Year’s Eve, ten people are seated around a poker table in Geneva. Is it just a little game among friends? Considering the amounts of money piled up on the table and the visible tension in the room, it doesn’t look like it. more

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de Ricardo Trogi • Première suisse
Canada, 2009, 102' , vo Francais , st ang

Public Closing night film. In 1981, the Trogi family moves into a new home. At eleven years old, Ricardo doesn't understand the meaning of the word "mortgage" but fully feels its impact. more

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site du film
de Patrice Poliquin, Daniel Gaudreault, Michaël Lavigne et Christian Hamel • Première en festival
Canada, 2010, , vo fr

Before putting an end to his criminal career, the protagonist (YOU!) decides to do one last job. Hatch the perfect scheme so you can avoid prison!

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A Tale of Harvest

de Niemczyk Aleksandra • Première suisse
Norvège, 2010, 13’ , vo sans dialogues

A man decides to plant a tree in infertile soil.

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de Rafael Wolf • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 13’ , vo fr

Two second-rate actors compete for a good part in a film.

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site du film
de Vincent Ravalec • Première mondiale
France, 2010, , vo fr

In a ghetto, four characters are going to find themselves facing a dilemma: a rehabilitation program and a new life, or a heist that will lead to a fresh start. Begin an experience unlike any other!

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Adolescence + Ruins of Love

de Ange Leccia •
France, 2000/2005, 13’/ 26’

Born in Corsica in 1952, Ange Leccia lives and works in Paris. After his studies in plastic arts, he started out on his double career as sculptor and filmmaker. In his films, he began to reflect on the vocabulary of the cinema, playing with formal elements to alter the way things are seen. more

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All Souls

de Stuart Gillard •
USA, 2001, pilote, 90' , vo eng , st fr

Strange things happen at the old All Souls Hospital in Boston, where the talented Dr. Mitchell Grace, (Grayson McCouch), works. He quickly realizes that the hospital is the stomping ground for evil spirits and haunted abandoned science projects. more

Presented with “Forbidden Island”. Free screenings.

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All That I Love (Wszystko, co kocham)

de Jacek Borcuch • Première suisse
Pologne, 2009, 95’ , vo polonais , st fr

Poland in 1981. Janek is a singer in a subversive punk rock group, but he is also the son of a naval officer. Basia is his girlfriend, and the daughter of a progressive intellectual, as well. more

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American Chronicles, ép. “Farewell to the Flesh”

de Mark Frost •
USA, 1990, pilote, 30' , vo ang , st fr

American Chronicles is a documentary travelogue produced by Mark Frost and David Lynch. As a brainchild of the two “Twin Peaks” creators it features many of the same quirky camera angles, focus on violence and sexuality while it brings music to the center stage of the narration. more

Presented wiht “Buddy Faro”. Free screening.

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Bad Family (Paha Perhe)

de Aleksi Salmenperä • Première suisse
Finland, 2010, 95’ , vo finnois , st fr/ang

Mikael, a Supreme Court judge, wants to prevent a love affair his son Dani is having because he thinks it will have disastrous consequences on his future life. more

Reflet d'Or Meilleur Film - Ex æquo

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Bewildering Life

site du film
de Enda O Connor • Première internationale
Irlande, 2009, 20’ , vo ang , st fr

A lewd world where psychopathic rabbits run wild, and where a fiendish rock star can pass himself off as a saint and start a war – just so he can get back his cap.

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Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

de Vardis Marinakis • Première suisse
Grèce, 2009, 101’ , vo grec/turc , st fr/ang

A love story emerges from the depths of the past, the place where legends come from. It is the forbidden love between two people, a young nun and a soldier, who are each imprisoned in their own lives. more

Prix du Jury des Jeunes

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Buddy Faro

de D.J. Caruso •
USA, 1998, Ep. 1, saison 1, 45' , vo eng , st fr

Julie Barber (Allison Smith) inherits a small fortune. The problem is she has to share it with her uncle Buddy Faro (Dennis Farina), the once famous private eye who has withdrawn from public life and is nowhere to be found. To track him down she hires Bob Jones (Frank Whaley). more

Presented with “American Chronicles”. Free screening.

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de Nicolas Veuthey • Première romande
Suisse, 2010, 8’ , vo sans dialogues

In the middle of winter, a soldier stands guard before a bunker in the mountains. He goes crazy and loses touch with reality.

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site du film
de Mark Gardner • Première internationale
USA, 2010, 23’ , vo ang , st fr

A man wakes up in a cell after a night on the town. When he realizes he's not in jail and he's not alone, he starts to fight against the rules someone wants him to follow.

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Chico & Rita

de Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal, Tono Errando • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
esp/ang , 2010, 94' , vo esp/ang , st fr

Film d’ouverture. Havana 1948. Chico is a young cuban pianist who dreams of making a place for himself in the jazz world. Rita is a singer with an extraordinary voice which captivates everyone. Music brings them together and they embark on a passionate and tormented love affair. more

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Choice Night

de Christopher Dudman • Première internationale
Nouvelle-Zélande, 2010, 15’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man is torn between spending an evening with his friends and going on his first date with the girl he is attracted to.

Reflet d'Or du Meilleur court métrage international

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Cigarette Candy

de Lauren Wolkstein • Première suisse
USA, 2009, 14’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man who has just come back from the war is completely out of synch with his friends who hold a welcome back party for him.

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Composición para goteras en lluvia sostenida (Symphony for raindrops in a major rain)

site du film
de Grupo Humus • Première suisse
Argentine, 2009, 1’ , vo sans dialogues

A leaking roof in an ordinary house becomes the perfect excuse for the composition of an aquatic symphony.

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Conflict with a God

site du film
de Hannaleena Hauru • Première mondiale
Finlande, 2010, 3’ , vo finnois , st fr/ang

A young woman criticizes her companion’s religious fanaticism and shares her very personal opinion on religion in Finland: according to her, the Finnish were not made to be religious

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Deliver me to Hell

site du film
de Logan McMillan • Première en festival
Nouvelle-Zélande, 2010, , vo ang

If zombies invaded the Earth, would there still be someone left to deliver you pizza? Help Steve get through the city and deliver his pizza without getting killed by zombies!

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Der Letzte Weynfeldt

de Alain Gsponer • Première romande
Suisse, 2010, 89 min , vo switzerdeutsch, all , st fr

Adrian Weynfeldt, an art expert from a rich family, lives a well-adjusted and exemplary life in Zurich high society. One evening, however, he succumbs to the charms of a mysterious young woman more

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleur comédien

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Droit dans le mur

site du film
de Matthias Girbig, Fred Ruiz • Première internationale
France, 2009, 5’ , vo fr , st ang

Wall Catching” – a new sporting activity for our times? Wall catcher Matthias Girbig prepares vigorously for his departure to China, where he plans on adding the Great Wall to his collection.

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El Tránsito

de León Siminiani • Première suisse
Espagne, 2009, 12’ , vo ang , st fr

How capitalism has cleverly created public transportation to keep us from rising up in revolt.

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En Direct de Notre Passé

de Nöel Tortajada, Nicolas Frey • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 2x12' , vo fr , st no

Avant-première RTS. En direct de notre passé takes us on an exciting trip to the very heart of Swiss history, but always connected to the present!

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Feu Sacré

de Zoltan Horvath • Première suisse
Suisse, 2010, 9’ , vo sans dialogues

When fire breaks out in a wax museum showing American film stars, the statue of Marlon Brando comes to life to save his actor friends.

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Forbidden Island

de Stuart Gillard, Prod. exec. Mark Frost •
USA, 1999, pilote, 45' , vo ang , st fr

In an undisclosed foreign city, a U.S embassy building gets caught in the middle of a civil war. The United States Marine Corps are sent in to escort all of the remaining Americans to safety and evacuate the premises by plane. more

Presented with “All Souls”. Free screenings.

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(c)Philippe Besnard-Cipango-FranceTV

de Alain Tasma • Première suisse
France, 2010, 113’ , vo fr , st ang

Anna, a young high school teacher, returns to school at Seine-Saint-Denis, a risky part of town and a difficult job, a place where violence reigns among young people who know they have no future perspectives. One of her students, Lakdar, is more sensitive than the others. more

Prix TV5 Monde

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Frère Benoît et les grandes orgues

de Michel Dufourd •
Suisse, 2010, 8’ , vo sans dialogues

Brother Benoit has to clean the big organ in a church and is very creative in finding ways to do so.

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Frühling im Herbst

de Petra Volpe •
Suisse, 2009, 91' , vo switzerdeutsch , st fr

Leni Glanzmann is a 55-year-old, hard-working baker. Every morning, she gets up at 3 a.m. to bake bread along with her son, hoping for the day that he will finally find a wife with whom he can take over the bakery. But then Toni Alvarez, an Argentinean tango teacher, comes into her life...

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleure comédienne

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Getting on

de Peter Capaldi • Première suisse
UK, 2009, Ep 1&2, saison 2, 2X26’ , vo ang , st fr

Welcome to the senior citizens in Unit B4 who reside in the least glamorous hospital one can imagine...the new BBC 4 comedy series really differs from hospital series like E.R. or Dr. House as it realistically narrates the daily lives of “anti-heroes” working in a geriatric service. more

Free screening on Tuesday Nov 2, 12am. Presented with “Left on the Shelf”.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring

de Peter Webber •
USA/France, 2003, 95' , vo non: version française

Delft, in the 17th century. The young and gorgeous Griet is working as a servant in the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s home. She does the housework and cares for the artist’s six children, all the while trying to win over the artist’s wife, his mother-in-law, and the governess more

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Girls suck at video games

site du film
de Stéphanie Mercier • Première en festival
France, 2010, 2’ , vo sans dialogues

In a retro platform game, a young woman tries her best to cross the finish line whilst fighting all the trials and tribulations of life.

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Government (Borgen)

de Søren Kragh-Jacobsen • Première suisse
Danemark, 2010, Ep. 1, 58’ , vo danois , st fr/ang

Tension is rising just before the Danish elections. The last television debates have been held, dirty tricks are on the increase, and the tension has reached its apex. more

Presented with “10”.

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Hamilton Carver: Zombie PI

site du film
de Clint Herring • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 25’ , vo ang , st fr

Hamilton Carver comes back from the dead and has a week to solve his girlfriend's murder, or else they both spend an eternity in Hell. He must investigate his way through a range of motley characters.

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Hinterhof (Backyard)

de Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu • Première mondiale
Allemagne, 2010, 16’ , vo russe , st ang

A woman is secretly in love with her neighbour. When his girl friend leaves him, she jumps at the chance.

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Ich bin's Helmut

de Nicolas Steiner • Première romande
Suisse/Allemagne, 2009, 11’ , vo all/suisse-all , st ang

A man is celebrating his birthday. His friends and family give advice in a very strange way.

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Il Casanova di Federico Fellini

de Federico Fellini •
Italie, 1976, 148' , vo it , st fr

Venice in the 18th century. At the height of the Carnival, Giacomo Casanova accepts an invitation from a flirtatious and clever nun. The French ambassador, the nun’s lover and a voyeur, observes their erotic encounters. more

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Isla Presidencial

site du film
de Oswaldo Graziani, Juan Andrés Ravell • Première en festival
Venezuela/Argentine, 2010, 19’ , vo esp , st fr/ang

After a long round of debating, fighting and backslapping, twelve Ibero-American leaders go on a boat trip. A terrible storm strikes, and they get shipwrecked on a desert island.

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de Kasper Holten • Première internationale
Danemark, 2010, 90’ , vo ang , st fr

Juan is a fantastic artist and a womanizer, as well. He is working on his masterpiece: a gigantic data base containing films of all his conquests! But this ambitious project has a price that this modern Don Juan must pay as he goes on frantically pursuing his own pleasures…This is an adaptation of more

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L'effroyable virus hybride

site du film
de Walter Pépéka • Première suisse
France, 2010, 8’ , vo fr

A terrible computer virus has transformed into an actual, more terrible real virus. This viral film plunges you satirically into the world of a black and white film that’s been given new dialogue.

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La Belle Endormie

de Catherine Breillat • Première suisse
France, 2010, 82’ , vo fr , st ang

Once upon a time, at the birth of Princess Anastasia, the cruel Carabosse put an evil spell on her, saying that she would die on her 16th birthday. Three fairies rescue her at the last minute, and instead of dying, Anastasia goes to sleep for a 100 years. more

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La Planque

site du film
de Mark Eacersall, Matthieu Van Eeckhout • Première en festival
France, 2009, 7’ , vo fr

Day after day, two policemen are on a stakeout in their car. Hours of waiting for criminal activity give them the chance to mull over everything and nothing. Mostly nothing.

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La Prima Cosa Bella

de Paolo Virzi • Première suisse
Italy, 2010, 124' , vo Italien , st fr/ang

Closing Night. Summer 1971. The youthful stunning Anna Nigiotti is dubbed Miss Mamma of Livorno's most famous bath house. Unaware of rousing the unwelcome attention of the male population, the suspicions of her husband Mario, the hidden embarrassment of her son Bruno. more

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La vie des poissons (La vida de los peces)

de Matías Bize • Première suisse
Chili/France, 2010, 84’ , vo esp , st fr/ang

Back in Chile before he makes a permanent move to Europe, Andrés attends a party at some friends’ house. Within this enclosed space, the camera follows the young man as he moves from encounter to encounter, ever becoming more aware of who he really is. more

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Laharog dvora (To kill a bumble bee)

de Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit • Première romande
Israel, 2009, 7’ , vo hébreu/thai , st ang

Two friends are hunting in the forest. They shoot at something – but is it game?

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Le syndrome de Jean-René

site du film
de Estelle Larrivaz • Première en festival
France, 2009, 8’ , vo fr

Jean-René, a guard at the Louvre, can take visitors to any artwork in the museum and provide them with intriguing insight. But Jean-René soon starts to take his role a little too seriously.

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Leave not a Cloud Behind

de Pablo González • Première suisse
France, 2010, 7’ , vo fr

A young man is in a coma. In his dreams, he keeps meeting a woman who suddenly disappears.

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Left on the Shelf (Para Vestir Santos)

de Daniel Barone • Première internationale
Argentina, 2010, Ep. 1, 45’ , vo esp , st fr

When Gloria, a strict and demanding widow, dies of a heart attack on the toilet at her home, her three daughters are left to fend for themselves. Susi, Virgi and Male, hardened beauties who have remained single, all seem incapable of getting anywhere with the opposite sex. more

Free screening on Tuesday Nov 2. Presented with “Getting on”.

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Les Princes

de Christophe Giordani • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 11’ , vo fr

A young and immature man leaves his life as a boy behind. He wants to celebrate this event with his friends, but the evening doesn’t turn out well.

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Les rescapés

de Claude Desrosiers • Première internationale
Canada, 2010, Ep. 1, 60’ , vo fr , st ang

Montreal in 1964. Inspector Gérald Boivin is not having any success with a case, which is why he is sent away on leave of absence, this means he has to spend lots of time with his family…He takes his wife, his three children, and his elderly father on an adventurous camping trip. more

Presented with “Misfits”.

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de Pascal Forney • Première romande
Suisse, 2010, 7’ , vo fr

A vampire is allergic to certain blood groups. His newest victim causes him problems.

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de David Caffrey • Première internationale
Irlande, 2010, Ep. 1, 53’ , vo ang , st fr

A cold-blooded murder takes place at the corner in front of a neighbourhood grocery store in Dublin, setting off a chain reaction in a small-time Mafia-type gang, their families, friends, and the entire community. more

Reflet d'Or de la Meilleure Série TV

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Low Battery

de Anastase Liaros • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 15’ , vo fr

A young filmmaker asks himself questions about the meaning of life.

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Low Cost (Claude Jutra)

de Lionel Baier •
Suisse, 2010, 56' , vo fr , st non

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Lust, Caution (Se, jie )

de Ang Lee •
China/USA/Taiwan, 2007, 157' , vo mandarin , st fr

In 1942, while Japan occupied parts of China, the young and beautiful student Wong is given the task of approaching and seducing Mr. Yee, a fear-inspiring and suspicious man who is collaborating with the Japanese, so that the resistance movement can eliminate him. more

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M. Tuuut

site du film
de Régis Roinsard • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 3’ , vo fr

Mr. Tuuut works for the company that makes that "tuuut" sound you hear coming from the other end of the phone line. But one day, Mr. Tuuut can’t go “tuuut” anymore…

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MGS: Philanthropy

site du film
de Giacomo Talamini • Première internationale
Italie, 2009, 69’ , vo ang , st fr

Fan-movie inspired by Hideo Kojima's videogame Metal Gear Solid. In the first part of this sci-fi trilogy, Solid Snake and his partners are on a mission to rescue a bribed Senator in Daskasan.

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Vincent Flouret/CANAL+
Maison Close

de Mabrouk el Mechri • Première suisse
France, 2010, Ep. 1, 52’ , vo fr , st ang

Paris, 1871. In a luxurious brothel, three women try to free themselves from male domination. Their destinies intermingle in this high-tension drama behind closed doors, and the spectator is drawn into the cruel reality that reigns in a brothel at the end of the 19th century. more

Exclusive screening followed by a Burlesque party! The ticket includes the party access.

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Mar Blindado (Shielded Sea)

de Gerard Uzcategui • Première européenne
Vénézuela, 2009, 11’ , vo esp , st ang

A security agent in a bank dreams about the ocean and about getting away. Then bank robbers break in.

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de Alain Tanner •
France/Suisse, 1979, 120' , vo fr , st ang

Two young women from very different backgrounds journey into the countryside seeking respite from unsatisfactory lives and relationships, but ultimately find that there is no way back to the world they once knew.... more

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de Tom Green, Tom Harper • Première suisse
UK, 2009, Ep. 1, 45’ , vo ang , st fr

While they are doing community work, three young misfits are struck by lightning and find that this has given them supernatural powers. Our young “super heroes” set out on a series of adventures. more

Presented with “Les Rescapés”.

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Miss Kicki

de Håkon Liu • Première suisse
Suède/Taiwan, 2009, 88’ , vo swedish/english/ mandarin , st ang/fr

After 12 years in the USA, Kicki is back in Sweden, where she is with her son Viktor once again. In order to get closer to the young boy, Kicki suggests that they go to Taiwan together. more

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de Halima Ouardiri • Première romande
Canada, 2010, 15’ , vo tachelhit , st fr

A young boy brings an owl home. However, his father is a superstitious man and sees the animal as an evil omen for the whole family.
This film obtained theMost Promising Director of a Canadian Short Film Award at Vancouver International Film Festival.

Prix TSR du Meilleur court métrage international

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Moving Forest

de Niccolò Castelli • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 12’ , vo it , st fr

A little boy decides to take care of the tree standing in the courtyard of the building he lives in.

3e Prix courts métrages suisses

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Mrs. Carrington

site du film
de Fidel Lorite • Première internationale
Espagne, 2009, 25’ , vo esp , st fr/ang

Leona Carrington becomes an outrageously rich widow. But the money takes her into a labyrinth of secrecy where she must outsmart increasingly eccentric characters seeking the fortune.

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Nerd Perfect

site du film
de Patrick Karpiczenko, Daniel Casparis • Première internationale
Suisse, 2009, 16’ , vo suisse-all/all , st fr

The whimsical tale of three young men looking for love in the city.

Grand Prix du Pacte Multimédia

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Nuit Blanche

de Samuel Tilman • Première mondiale
Belgique, 2010, 20’ , vo fr

A group of mountaineers gets stuck high up in the mountains at nightfall. The rescue centre down in the valley gets a phone call.

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Os olhos do farol (The eyes of the lighthouse)

de Pedro Serrazina • Première suisse
Portugal/Pays-Bas, 2010, 15’ , vo sans paroles

A lighthouse guard lives on an inhospitable island with his only daughter.

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de Ken Kwapis • Première internationale
USA, 2010, Ep. 1&2, 2x26’ , vo ang , st fr

Call-centres can’t seem to make it in the United States any longer, so there’s nothing for it but to relocate! After his management training by correspondence with Mid America Novelties more

Free screenings. Presented with “The Good Guys”.

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site du film
de Patrick Jean • Première suisse
France, 2010, 3’ , vo No dialogues

New York is invaded by a stream of pixels, 8-bit creatures which transform and pixelate everything that falls into their path.

Reflet d’Or du Meilleur film web

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Reisender Krieger

de Christian Schocher •
Suisse, 1981, 142' , vo all , st fr/ang

Reisender Krieger (1981) has become legendary in the eyes of many filmmakers and critics. It may very well be the most important film made in the last 30 years, and is surely the most underestimated one. more

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de Jan Mettler • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 6’ , vo sans dialogues

A boy practices football in an almost surreal environment.

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de Jeremy Podeswa • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 42’ , vo ang , st fr

This new series by the AMC, makers of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, features Will Travers, a brilliant and solitary analyst at the American Policy Institute, a government bureau that gathers and decrypts information from surveillance agencies. more

Free screenings. Présenté avec “The Gates”.

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site du film
de Amin Dora • Première en festival
Liban, 2010, 24' , vo arabe , st fr/ang

In Beirut, a young man takes up his motor scooter and becomes a delivery boy to earn money, and must cope with some of the city’s occupational hazards. The first ever Middle Eastern web series!

Reflet d’Or du Meilleure série web

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Snipp it

site du film
de Benjamin Ehlert, Armin Lusch, Benni Obenaus, Julia Schmitt, Clemens Sielaff, Florian Wagner • Première en festival
Allemagne, 2010, , vo all

A man has been murdered. Put yourself in the shoes of a police detective, and interrogate the 5 suspects so that you can find the culprit. You have only 30 minutes to find the murderer!

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Soap opera in wonderland

de Eileen Hofer • Première suisse
Suisse, 2010, 15' , vo fr/portugais/tagalog , st fr

The improbable encounter between a man dressed up as a rabbit and a young, romantic woman.

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Sons of Carnival (Filhos do Carnaval)

de Cao Hamburger • Première européenne
Brasil, 2009, Ep. 1&2, saison 2, 2X55‘ , vo portugais , st fr/ang

Anésio Gebara, the Don Corleone of Rio de Janeiro, dies, leaving behind him a declining empire, a samba school, a network of illegal games and three sons who have to pick up the pieces. more

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Stolen Dreams (Sonhos Roubados)

de Sandra Werneck • Première suisse
Brésil, 2010, 90’ , vo portugais , st fra/ang

Jessica, Sabrina and Daiane are three girls who spend their time walking around in the poor parts of Rio de Janeiro after work and chores at home. We are far from the usual sensational or emotional take on life in the favelas here. more

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de Mark Frost •
USA, 1992, 112' , vo ang , st fr

As the scion of a Louisiana Oil Magnete, Cray Fowler (James Spader), sets out to campaign for a political career. Before long he finds him self the centre of a spiders-web of murders and blackmail and is confronted with the dangerous secrets that created his family’s power. more

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site du film
de Dawid Marcinkowski • Première internationale
Pologne, 2010, 90’ , vo ang

A dark film about our culture’s obsession with image. Come into the disturbing world of plastic surgery, and discover the private lives of distinctive and disturbing characters.

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Suicide Girl

site du film
de Drew Daywalt • Première en festival
USA, 2009, 4’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man discovers an online suicide video. But he fails to take the horrifying situation as seriously as he should…

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T'es Pas La Seule

de Pierre Antoine Hiroz • Première internationale
Suisse, 2010, 2x26' , vo fr , st no

Avant-première RTS. Eve, a young urban mother, inherits an eccentric aunt’s vineyard. She takes on this challenge head-on while all the while dealing with the unexpected return of her ex-top model sister, her husband’s burn-out, the fact that her children stand in her way more

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The Albanian (Der Albaner)

de Johannes Naber • Première suisse
Allemagne/Albanie, 2010, 105’ , vo albanais/all , st fr/ang

An Albanian, Arben, is in love with Etleva, who is expecting his baby. In order to marry her, he has to pay her father a large amount of money. So he leaves his country for Germany in order to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible there. more

Reflet d'Or Meilleur Film - Ex æquo
Prix du Public au meilleur long métrage

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The Believers

de John Schlesinger •
USA, 1987, 100' , vo ang , st fr

After the death of his wife Cal, a police psychiatrist, (Martin Sheen), moves to New York with his 9 year old son, Chris. When his NYDP colleague is branded the prime suspect in a case of serial child killings. more

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The Birthday Party: An Interactive Adventure!

site du film
de Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett • Première suisse
USA, 2010, , vo ang

Three friends go through hell trying to get to their boss’ birthday party, by fighting off zombies, gangs, and militias. Help them get to the birthday party safe and sound!

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The Circuit

de Steve Jodrell • Première suisse
Australie, 2009, Ep. 1, saison 2, 52’ , vo ang , st fr

Drew, a city lawyer, leaves his comfortable career behind to become a travelling lawyer out in the Northeast Australian bush country. He goes from place to place, bringing justice to the poorest and most isolated communities, and at the same time facing his own issues more

Présenté avec “Treme”.

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The Cliff (Hamarinn)

de Reynir Lyngdal • Première suisse
Islande, 2009, Ep. 1, 54’ , vo islandais , st fr/ang

Helgi Marvinsson, police superintendent in Reykjavik, is given a case that appears quite ordinary at first glance: a power shovel has fallen off the top of a cliff in the Icelandic Highlands in the middle of the night. more

Free screening on Friday Nov 5 at 12am. Presented with “Love/Hate”.

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Motion Picture © 2010-2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Gates

de Matthews Gina, Scharbo Grant, Hatem Richard • Première internationale
USA, 2010, pilote, 45’ , vo ang , st fr

In order to leave their complicated past behind them, Nick and his wife and children move to a very trendy new neighbourhood, hoping to find peace and calm there. more

Free screenings. Presented with “Rubicon”.

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Motion Picture © 2010-2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Good Guys

de Matt Nix • Première internationale
USA, 2010, pilote, 42’ , vo ang , st fr

Dan, an alcoholic policeman who doesn’t always play by the rules, keeps on thinking back to the 1970’s, when he was a big man in the Dallas police force. Jack is an ambitious policeman just starting out on his career, but he suffers from a severe lack of self-confidence. more

Free screenings. Presented with “Outsourced”.

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The Greatest Game Ever Played

de Bill Paxton •
USA, 2005, 115' , vo ang , st fr

1913. The poor peasant Francis Quemet (Shia LaBeouf) lives across from the golf court and dreams of playing the game. As class rules would it, he could not enter this world of privilege let alone pay a member fee, hence he became a caddie. more

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The Luzhin Defence

de Marleen Gorris •
USA, 2000, 109' , vo ang , st fr

It is 1929 and the great chess master Alexander Luzhin, an eccentric, unpredictable, and totally detached man, comes to a small beach resort in Italy where a big tournament is being held. more

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The Queen

de Stephen Frears •
USA, 2006, 99' , vo non: version française

When Princess Diana died in 1997, the entire planet reacted and an unprecedented state of confusion descended upon Great Britain. While Prime Minister Tony Blair feels that the country’s leaders should provide comfort for the grieving population more

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The Shadow Over Innsmouth

site du film
de Joseph Kwong • Première suisse
USA, 2009, 22’ , vo ang , st fr

A train’s unintended stopover in the New England town of Innsmouth reveals secrets that are best kept buried beneath the waves. Inspired by the classic tale by H. P. Lovecraft.

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The Specials

site du film
de Katy Lock • Première en festival
UK, 2009, 20’ , vo ang , st ang/fr

The Specials follows the ups and the downs of Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan: 5 friends with developmental disabilities who share a house in Brighton.

Prix Titra Film SA

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The Stay-At-Home Dad

site du film
de Adam Jones • Première internationale
USA, 2010, 7’ , vo ang , st fr

37-year-old alpha male Brandon becomes responsible for taking care of the kids. His politically incorrect voice exhibits the frustration most Dads repress for the sake of social decency.

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The Taqwacores

de Eyad Zahra • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 83’ , vo ang , st fr

Just how can you reconcile reading the Koran, wearing the Burqa, and praying regularly with a life of anarchy, guitar riffs, squats, sex, and alcohol? By following Yusef, a young Pakistani-American student, who has just landed on the planet of Taqwacore more

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The Temptation of St. Tony (Püha Tõnu kiusamine)

de Veiko Õunpuu • Première suisse
Estonie/Finlande/Suède, 2009, 114' , vo estonian , st fr/russe

Tony lives a prosperous and rather quiet life. He has reached middle age, and suddenly goes through a crisis that makes him think about moral issues. Is it possible to be a good person? And just what does that mean? As he sets out to find an answer more

Prix FIPRESCI de la critique internationale

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The last 120 hours of a geek

site du film
de Wai To Lam, Wai Wai Lam • Première en festival
Chine/Hong Kong, 2009, , vo chinois , st ang

Jun, a young geek, has to find a girl in Hong Kong within 120 hours unless he wants to be single for the rest of his life. Intervene in his life and help him find true love!

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de David Simon, Eric Overmeyer • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 79’ , vo ang , st fr

David Simon has left Baltimore and its cops and drugs (The Corner, The Wire) behind and has moved on to devastated post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans, where director Agnieszka Holland has located the pilot episode of Treme. more

Prix du Public à la meilleure série TV

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Twin Peaks

de Mark Frost/David Lynch •
USA, 1990, pilote + ép. 7, 135' , vo ang , st fr

Pilot: It all began with the discovery of the body of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) washed up on the shore. The mysterious and innocent looking Twin Peaks beauty queen was wrapped in transparent plastic. more

Free screening.

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site du film
de John Beck Hofmann • Première en festival
USA, 2010, 24’ , vo ang , st fr

Student Daniel McCarthy volunteers for what should be a harmless neurological experiment, but comes out of it with no memory. To recover his past, he conducts sensory deprivation experiments.

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de Vikramaditya Motwane • Première suisse
India, 2010, 137’ , vo hindi , st fr/ang

Because he went out to the movies without getting permission, Rohan, 17 years old, is expelled from his boarding school. So he has to go back to his father’s house, where he meets Arjun, his 6-year-old half-brother. more

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Ultima donna

de Tristan Aymon • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 17' , vo fr

An old man starts enjoying life again by spending his days with his new maid.

Reflet d'Or du Meilleur court métrage suisse

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Veda (Farewell)

de Eren Ataç • Première internationale
Turquie, 2010, 5’ , vo sans dialogues

A solitary man is alone on a square. What can he be waiting for?

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de Groó Diana • Première suisse
Hongrie/Serbie, 2010, 85’ , vo hongrois , st fr/ang

It’s a lucky day for Lali, a 12-year old Gypsy: the winning ticket in his hands will get him a scooter! In order to redeem his ticket, the boy goes to the big city of Budapest all by himself, also in hopes of finding his father more

Reflet d'Or Meilleure réalisation

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Welcome to the Rileys

de Jake Scott • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 110’ , vo ang , st fr

Avant-première. This is the story of three people who meet, the story of a couple that has lost its bearings since the death of their daughter and a young girl in distress who is just about to sink into prostitution. more

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World's Best Mum

site du film
de Camille Hédouin, Jérôme Genevray • Première suisse
France, 2010, 2’ , vo ang , st fr

Everyone has the best mother in the world – one who smiles even when something’s on her mind, who puts her pain aside to look after us, and who will always be there, no matter what.

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Youri Lennon's landing on Alpha 46

de Anthony Vouardoux • Première romande
Suisse/Allemagne, 2010, 15’ , vo ang , st fr

After a cosmonaut lands on Alpha 46, he is faced with an extraordinary paradox.

2e Prix courts métrages suisses

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Zairo il primo giorno (Zairo The first day)

site du film
de Antonio Centomani, Massimiliano Farace • Première internationale
Italie, 2010, , vo it

Patrice Lian is the son of one of the bosses of the “Stella Negra” criminal organisation. Determined to break with his past, he’s forced to co-operate with the police. Over to you!

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iPad: Touching Stories

site du film
de Erich Joiner, Jason Zada, Geordie Stephens, Sean Ehringer, Tom Routson • Première suisse
USA, 2010, , vo ang

Discover 4 interactive short films like nothing you’ve ever seen before! This isn’t just about clicking on a mouse – in these films you can touch, turn and shake the Ipad up and down!

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