Special screenings


de Ricardo Trogi • Première suisse
Canada, 2009, 102' , vo Francais , st ang

Public Closing night film. In 1981, the Trogi family moves into a new home. At eleven years old, Ricardo doesn't understand the meaning of the word "mortgage" but fully feels its impact. ...read more

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Adolescence + Ruins of Love

de Ange Leccia •
France, 2000/2005, 13’/ 26’

Born in Corsica in 1952, Ange Leccia lives and works in Paris. After his studies in plastic arts, he started out on his double career as sculptor and filmmaker. In his films, he began to reflect on the vocabulary of the cinema, playing with formal elements to alter the way things are seen. ...read more

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Chico & Rita

de Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal, Tono Errando • Swiss Premiere / Première Suisse
esp/ang , 2010, 94' , vo esp/ang , st fr

Film d’ouverture. Havana 1948. Chico is a young cuban pianist who dreams of making a place for himself in the jazz world. Rita is a singer with an extraordinary voice which captivates everyone. Music brings them together and they embark on a passionate and tormented love affair. ...read more

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En Direct de Notre Passé

de Nöel Tortajada, Nicolas Frey • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 2x12' , vo fr , st no

Avant-première RTS. En direct de notre passé takes us on an exciting trip to the very heart of Swiss history, but always connected to the present!

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La Prima Cosa Bella

de Paolo Virzi • Première suisse
Italy, 2010, 124' , vo Italien , st fr/ang

Closing Night. Summer 1971. The youthful stunning Anna Nigiotti is dubbed Miss Mamma of Livorno's most famous bath house. Unaware of rousing the unwelcome attention of the male population, the suspicions of her husband Mario, the hidden embarrassment of her son Bruno. ...read more

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Low Cost (Claude Jutra)

de Lionel Baier •
Suisse, 2010, 56' , vo fr , st non

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T'es Pas La Seule

de Pierre Antoine Hiroz • Première internationale
Suisse, 2010, 2x26' , vo fr , st no

Avant-première RTS. Eve, a young urban mother, inherits an eccentric aunt’s vineyard. She takes on this challenge head-on while all the while dealing with the unexpected return of her ex-top model sister, her husband’s burn-out, the fact that her children stand in her way ...read more

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Welcome to the Rileys

de Jake Scott • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 110’ , vo ang , st fr

Avant-première. This is the story of three people who meet, the story of a couple that has lost its bearings since the death of their daughter and a young girl in distress who is just about to sink into prostitution. ...read more

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