TV series competition

Sixteen titles, sixteen different ways of presenting reality.

The 2010 selection are like tickets for a voyage to near and distant galaxies that lead us to intrigues within the Danish government (Government) all the way to the godfathers of the Brazilian Mafia (Filhos do Carnaval), with a stopover in the jazzy rhythms of New Orleans in Treme, David Simon’s newest masterpiece.

Ortherwise, travel to the mysterious environment of Iceland (The Cliff), of Australia (The Circuit) or to the forbidden pleasures to be found in Maison Close, a film by the new enfant terrible of the French cinema, Mabrouk El Mechri…

Alternatively, you can just take a short trip to the disturbing suburbs in The Gates or take part in an illegal poker game (“10”) before visiting the offbeat cops in The Good Guys. Then off we fly to India to work in the strange call-centre in Outsourced after leaving behind conspiracies of the American elite (Rubicon).

And why not drop in on a few bizarre Argentinean ladies in Left on the Shelf?

But before that, let’s go to a very British hospital in Getting On with the Misfits dreamteam or the hypersensitive Irishmen in Love/Hate. And if, this trip were taking place in real time, you'd be rushing now to embark immediately for the future, just like in Les Rescapés du Quebec!


de Jean-Laurent Chautems • Première suisse
Suisse, 2010, Ep. 1&2, 2X26’ , vo fr , st ang

On New Year’s Eve, ten people are seated around a poker table in Geneva. Is it just a little game among friends? Considering the amounts of money piled up on the table and the visible tension in the room, it doesn’t look like it. more

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Getting on

de Peter Capaldi • Première suisse
UK, 2009, Ep 1&2, saison 2, 2X26’ , vo ang , st fr

Welcome to the senior citizens in Unit B4 who reside in the least glamorous hospital one can imagine...the new BBC 4 comedy series really differs from hospital series like E.R. or Dr. House as it realistically narrates the daily lives of “anti-heroes” working in a geriatric service. more

Free screening on Tuesday Nov 2, 12am. Presented with “Left on the Shelf”.

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Government (Borgen)

de Søren Kragh-Jacobsen • Première suisse
Danemark, 2010, Ep. 1, 58’ , vo danois , st fr/ang

Tension is rising just before the Danish elections. The last television debates have been held, dirty tricks are on the increase, and the tension has reached its apex. more

Presented with “10”.

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Left on the Shelf (Para Vestir Santos)

de Daniel Barone • Première internationale
Argentina, 2010, Ep. 1, 45’ , vo esp , st fr

When Gloria, a strict and demanding widow, dies of a heart attack on the toilet at her home, her three daughters are left to fend for themselves. Susi, Virgi and Male, hardened beauties who have remained single, all seem incapable of getting anywhere with the opposite sex. more

Free screening on Tuesday Nov 2. Presented with “Getting on”.

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Les rescapés

de Claude Desrosiers • Première internationale
Canada, 2010, Ep. 1, 60’ , vo fr , st ang

Montreal in 1964. Inspector Gérald Boivin is not having any success with a case, which is why he is sent away on leave of absence, this means he has to spend lots of time with his family…He takes his wife, his three children, and his elderly father on an adventurous camping trip. more

Presented with “Misfits”.

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de David Caffrey • Première internationale
Irlande, 2010, Ep. 1, 53’ , vo ang , st fr

A cold-blooded murder takes place at the corner in front of a neighbourhood grocery store in Dublin, setting off a chain reaction in a small-time Mafia-type gang, their families, friends, and the entire community. more

Reflet d'Or de la Meilleure Série TV

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Vincent Flouret/CANAL+
Maison Close

de Mabrouk el Mechri • Première suisse
France, 2010, Ep. 1, 52’ , vo fr , st ang

Paris, 1871. In a luxurious brothel, three women try to free themselves from male domination. Their destinies intermingle in this high-tension drama behind closed doors, and the spectator is drawn into the cruel reality that reigns in a brothel at the end of the 19th century. more

Exclusive screening followed by a Burlesque party! The ticket includes the party access.

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de Tom Green, Tom Harper • Première suisse
UK, 2009, Ep. 1, 45’ , vo ang , st fr

While they are doing community work, three young misfits are struck by lightning and find that this has given them supernatural powers. Our young “super heroes” set out on a series of adventures. more

Presented with “Les Rescapés”.

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de Ken Kwapis • Première internationale
USA, 2010, Ep. 1&2, 2x26’ , vo ang , st fr

Call-centres can’t seem to make it in the United States any longer, so there’s nothing for it but to relocate! After his management training by correspondence with Mid America Novelties more

Free screenings. Presented with “The Good Guys”.

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de Jeremy Podeswa • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 42’ , vo ang , st fr

This new series by the AMC, makers of Mad Men and Breaking Bad, features Will Travers, a brilliant and solitary analyst at the American Policy Institute, a government bureau that gathers and decrypts information from surveillance agencies. more

Free screenings. Présenté avec “The Gates”.

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Sons of Carnival (Filhos do Carnaval)

de Cao Hamburger • Première européenne
Brasil, 2009, Ep. 1&2, saison 2, 2X55‘ , vo portugais , st fr/ang

Anésio Gebara, the Don Corleone of Rio de Janeiro, dies, leaving behind him a declining empire, a samba school, a network of illegal games and three sons who have to pick up the pieces. more

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The Circuit

de Steve Jodrell • Première suisse
Australie, 2009, Ep. 1, saison 2, 52’ , vo ang , st fr

Drew, a city lawyer, leaves his comfortable career behind to become a travelling lawyer out in the Northeast Australian bush country. He goes from place to place, bringing justice to the poorest and most isolated communities, and at the same time facing his own issues more

Présenté avec “Treme”.

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The Cliff (Hamarinn)

de Reynir Lyngdal • Première suisse
Islande, 2009, Ep. 1, 54’ , vo islandais , st fr/ang

Helgi Marvinsson, police superintendent in Reykjavik, is given a case that appears quite ordinary at first glance: a power shovel has fallen off the top of a cliff in the Icelandic Highlands in the middle of the night. more

Free screening on Friday Nov 5 at 12am. Presented with “Love/Hate”.

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Motion Picture © 2010-2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Gates

de Matthews Gina, Scharbo Grant, Hatem Richard • Première internationale
USA, 2010, pilote, 45’ , vo ang , st fr

In order to leave their complicated past behind them, Nick and his wife and children move to a very trendy new neighbourhood, hoping to find peace and calm there. more

Free screenings. Presented with “Rubicon”.

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Motion Picture © 2010-2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Good Guys

de Matt Nix • Première internationale
USA, 2010, pilote, 42’ , vo ang , st fr

Dan, an alcoholic policeman who doesn’t always play by the rules, keeps on thinking back to the 1970’s, when he was a big man in the Dallas police force. Jack is an ambitious policeman just starting out on his career, but he suffers from a severe lack of self-confidence. more

Free screenings. Presented with “Outsourced”.

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de David Simon, Eric Overmeyer • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 79’ , vo ang , st fr

David Simon has left Baltimore and its cops and drugs (The Corner, The Wire) behind and has moved on to devastated post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans, where director Agnieszka Holland has located the pilot episode of Treme. more

Prix du Public à la meilleure série TV

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