Palmarès 16th  Festival Cinéma Tous Écrans

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Bad Family (Paha Perhe)

de Aleksi Salmenperä • Première suisse
Finland, 2010, 95’ , vo finnois , st fr/ang

Mikael, a Supreme Court judge, wants to prevent a love affair his son Dani is having because he thinks it will have disastrous consequences on his future life. more

Reflet d'Or Meilleur Film - Ex æquo

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Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

de Vardis Marinakis • Première suisse
Grèce, 2009, 101’ , vo grec/turc , st fr/ang

A love story emerges from the depths of the past, the place where legends come from. It is the forbidden love between two people, a young nun and a soldier, who are each imprisoned in their own lives. more

Prix du Jury des Jeunes

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Choice Night

de Christopher Dudman • Première internationale
Nouvelle-Zélande, 2010, 15’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man is torn between spending an evening with his friends and going on his first date with the girl he is attracted to.

Reflet d'Or du Meilleur court métrage international

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Der Letzte Weynfeldt

de Alain Gsponer • Première romande
Suisse, 2010, 89 min , vo switzerdeutsch, all , st fr

Adrian Weynfeldt, an art expert from a rich family, lives a well-adjusted and exemplary life in Zurich high society. One evening, however, he succumbs to the charms of a mysterious young woman more

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleur comédien

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(c)Philippe Besnard-Cipango-FranceTV

de Alain Tasma • Première suisse
France, 2010, 113’ , vo fr , st ang

Anna, a young high school teacher, returns to school at Seine-Saint-Denis, a risky part of town and a difficult job, a place where violence reigns among young people who know they have no future perspectives. One of her students, Lakdar, is more sensitive than the others. more

Prix TV5 Monde

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Frühling im Herbst

de Petra Volpe •
Suisse, 2009, 91' , vo switzerdeutsch , st fr

Leni Glanzmann is a 55-year-old, hard-working baker. Every morning, she gets up at 3 a.m. to bake bread along with her son, hoping for the day that he will finally find a wife with whom he can take over the bakery. But then Toni Alvarez, an Argentinean tango teacher, comes into her life...

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleure comédienne

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de David Caffrey • Première internationale
Irlande, 2010, Ep. 1, 53’ , vo ang , st fr

A cold-blooded murder takes place at the corner in front of a neighbourhood grocery store in Dublin, setting off a chain reaction in a small-time Mafia-type gang, their families, friends, and the entire community. more

Reflet d'Or de la Meilleure Série TV

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de Halima Ouardiri • Première romande
Canada, 2010, 15’ , vo tachelhit , st fr

A young boy brings an owl home. However, his father is a superstitious man and sees the animal as an evil omen for the whole family.
This film obtained theMost Promising Director of a Canadian Short Film Award at Vancouver International Film Festival.

Prix TSR du Meilleur court métrage international

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Moving Forest

de Niccolò Castelli • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 12’ , vo it , st fr

A little boy decides to take care of the tree standing in the courtyard of the building he lives in.

3e Prix courts métrages suisses

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Nerd Perfect

site du film
de Patrick Karpiczenko, Daniel Casparis • Première internationale
Suisse, 2009, 16’ , vo suisse-all/all , st fr

The whimsical tale of three young men looking for love in the city.

Grand Prix du Pacte Multimédia

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site du film
de Patrick Jean • Première suisse
France, 2010, 3’ , vo No dialogues

New York is invaded by a stream of pixels, 8-bit creatures which transform and pixelate everything that falls into their path.

Reflet d’Or du Meilleur film web

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site du film
de Amin Dora • Première en festival
Liban, 2010, 24' , vo arabe , st fr/ang

In Beirut, a young man takes up his motor scooter and becomes a delivery boy to earn money, and must cope with some of the city’s occupational hazards. The first ever Middle Eastern web series!

Reflet d’Or du Meilleure série web

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The Albanian (Der Albaner)

de Johannes Naber • Première suisse
Allemagne/Albanie, 2010, 105’ , vo albanais/all , st fr/ang

An Albanian, Arben, is in love with Etleva, who is expecting his baby. In order to marry her, he has to pay her father a large amount of money. So he leaves his country for Germany in order to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible there. more

Reflet d'Or Meilleur Film - Ex æquo
Prix du Public au meilleur long métrage

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The Specials

site du film
de Katy Lock • Première en festival
UK, 2009, 20’ , vo ang , st ang/fr

The Specials follows the ups and the downs of Sam, Hilly, Lucy, Lewis and Megan: 5 friends with developmental disabilities who share a house in Brighton.

Prix Titra Film SA

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The Taqwacores

de Eyad Zahra • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 83’ , vo ang , st fr

Just how can you reconcile reading the Koran, wearing the Burqa, and praying regularly with a life of anarchy, guitar riffs, squats, sex, and alcohol? By following Yusef, a young Pakistani-American student, who has just landed on the planet of Taqwacore more

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The Temptation of St. Tony (Püha Tõnu kiusamine)

de Veiko Õunpuu • Première suisse
Estonie/Finlande/Suède, 2009, 114' , vo estonian , st fr/russe

Tony lives a prosperous and rather quiet life. He has reached middle age, and suddenly goes through a crisis that makes him think about moral issues. Is it possible to be a good person? And just what does that mean? As he sets out to find an answer more

Prix FIPRESCI de la critique internationale

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de David Simon, Eric Overmeyer • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 79’ , vo ang , st fr

David Simon has left Baltimore and its cops and drugs (The Corner, The Wire) behind and has moved on to devastated post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans, where director Agnieszka Holland has located the pilot episode of Treme. more

Prix du Public à la meilleure série TV

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Ultima donna

de Tristan Aymon • Première mondiale
Suisse, 2010, 17' , vo fr

An old man starts enjoying life again by spending his days with his new maid.

Reflet d'Or du Meilleur court métrage suisse

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de Groó Diana • Première suisse
Hongrie/Serbie, 2010, 85’ , vo hongrois , st fr/ang

It’s a lucky day for Lali, a 12-year old Gypsy: the winning ticket in his hands will get him a scooter! In order to redeem his ticket, the boy goes to the big city of Budapest all by himself, also in hopes of finding his father more

Reflet d'Or Meilleure réalisation

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Youri Lennon's landing on Alpha 46

de Anthony Vouardoux • Première romande
Suisse/Allemagne, 2010, 15’ , vo ang , st fr

After a cosmonaut lands on Alpha 46, he is faced with an extraordinary paradox.

2e Prix courts métrages suisses

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