Frühling im Herbst

de Petra Volpe •
Suisse, 2009, 91', vo switzerdeutsch , st fr

Leni Glanzmann is a 55-year-old, hard-working baker. Every morning, she gets up at 3 a.m. to bake bread along with her son, hoping for the day that he will finally find a wife with whom he can take over the bakery. But then Toni Alvarez, an Argentinean tango teacher, comes into her life...

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleure comédienne

Scénario: Petra Volpe • Image: Andreas Hofer • Montage: Gion-Reto Killias • Musique: Christine Aufderhaar • Son: Markus Glunz, Hugo Poletti, Michael Riedmiller, Felix Rost • Avec: Therese Affolter, Pablo Aguilar, Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Suly Röthlisberger • Production:ZODIAC PICTURES INTERNATIONAL LTD (• Distribution:TELEPOOL GmbH