de Alain Tasma • Première suisse
France, 2010, 113’, vo fr , st ang

(c)Philippe Besnard-Cipango-FranceTV
Anna, a young high school teacher, returns to school at Seine-Saint-Denis, a risky part of town and a difficult job, a place where violence reigns among young people who know they have no future perspectives. One of her students, Lakdar, is more sensitive than the others. His dream is to draw and write comics, and he has the talent for it. He has a fall, however, and does not receive the right medical treatment, so that his right hand is paralyzed. Anna is shocked and tries to help him, but Lakdar has nothing left, and when you have nothing, all that remains is hatred…

Prix TV5 Monde

Scénario: Emmanuel Carrère, d’après le roman « Ils sont votre épouvante et vous êtes leur crainte » de Thierry Jonquet (Editions du Seuil) • Image: Pierre Milon • Montage: Marie-Sophie Dubus • Musique: Cyril Morin • Son: Laurent Lafran • Avec: Anaïs Demoustier, Samy Seghir, Leïla Bekhti • Production:Cipango/France 2 (• Distribution:Cipango/France 2 (