Der Letzte Weynfeldt

de Alain Gsponer • Première romande
Suisse, 2010, 89 min, vo switzerdeutsch, all , st fr

Adrian Weynfeldt, an art expert from a rich family, lives a well-adjusted and exemplary life in Zurich high society. One evening, however, he succumbs to the charms of a mysterious young woman, and his perfect world begins to fall apart…This is the film version of the book oby the same title by Martin Suter. The Last Weynfeldt is an enigmatic and surprising film, an admirable mixture of romance and thriller.

Prix SWISSPERFORM meilleur comédien

Scénario: Alexander Buresch • Image: Matthias Fleischer • Montage: Gion-Reto Killias • Musique: Diego Baldenweg • Son: Tom Weber • Avec: Stefan Kurt, Marie Bäumer, NIicholas Ofcarek, Roeland Wiesnekker • Production:C-FILMS AG (C-FILMS@C-FILMS.CH)