de Groó Diana • Première suisse
Hongrie/Serbie, 2010, 85’, vo hongrois , st fr/ang

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It’s a lucky day for Lali, a 12-year old Gypsy: the winning ticket in his hands will get him a scooter! In order to redeem his ticket, the boy goes to the big city of Budapest all by himself, also in hopes of finding his father, whom he has not seen for a long time…this is the start of an enchanting road movie that will take Lali (the wonderful Sandor Toth!) to the fulfilment of his dreams, and is also a tribute to the still very stigmatized Roma community.

Reflet d'Or Meilleure réalisation

Scénario: Groó Diana, Iván Szabó • Image: Sándor Kardos • Montage: gnes Mógor • Son: Bence Iváncsics, Attila Tõzsér • Avec: Sándor Tóth , Júlia Nyakó • Production:Tivoli-Filmproduction (• Distribution:Magyar Film Unio (