de David Simon, Eric Overmeyer • Première suisse
USA, 2010, pilote, 79’, vo ang , st fr

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David Simon has left Baltimore and its cops and drugs (The Corner, The Wire) behind and has moved on to devastated post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans, where director Agnieszka Holland has located the pilot episode of Treme. The characters in this series are jazz musicians, radio announcers, Mardi Gras Indians, restaurant-goers, family men, and they are all fighting to get their lives, their houses, and their culture back in a ruined city abandoned by the authorities.

Prix du Public à la meilleure série TV

Scénario: David Simon, Eric Overmeyer • Image: Ivan Strasburg • Montage: Alexander Hall • Avec: Wendell Pierce, Khandi Alexander, Melissa Leo, Clarke Peters, Rob Brown, John Goodman, Kim Dickens, Steve Zahn • Production:HBO (• Distribution:HBO (