Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

de Vardis Marinakis • Première suisse
Grèce, 2009, 101’, vo grec/turc , st fr/ang

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A love story emerges from the depths of the past, the place where legends come from. It is the forbidden love between two people, a young nun and a soldier, who are each imprisoned in their own lives. Their love is so strong that they run away together out into the wilds where they seek the freedom to become their true selves. Brilliant camera work and directing make this film a work of art that depicts the beauty, poetry, and sanctity inherent in the human condition.

Prix du Jury des Jeunes

Scénario: Vardis Marinakis • Image: Marcus Waterloo • Montage: Giannis Halkiadakis • Musique: Dimitris Maramis • Son: Panos Tzelekis • Avec: Sofia Georgovassili, Hristos Passalis, Despina Bebedelli, Panourgia Maria, Despina Kourti • Production:Highway Productions (• Distribution:Media Luna entertainment (