The Taqwacores

de Eyad Zahra • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 83’, vo ang , st fr

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Just how can you reconcile reading the Koran, wearing the Burqa, and praying regularly with a life of anarchy, guitar riffs, squats, sex, and alcohol? By following Yusef, a young Pakistani-American student, who has just landed on the planet of Taqwacore, the Muslim hardcore punk rock scene in Buffalo! This energetic first film by Eyad Zahra is like an unidentified flying film object zooming in on us to make us to think about what individual liberty and religious faith really are.

Scénario: Eyad Zahra • Image: JP Perry • Musique: Omar Fadel • Son: Davey J.M., Seivers Zach • Avec: Bobby Naderi, Noureen DeWulf, Dominic Rains • Production:Rumanni Filmworks Production (• Distribution:Visit Films (