Film and TV Features competition

For this year’s Cinema Tous Ecrans, we've tuned into what is nearest and dearest, both at the very heart of human relations and in abstract terms.

In doing so we've dished up an incredibly dynamic smoregasbord of films for the international competition whose acoustics hit a nerve with illuminating clarity.

Whether seasoned or first-time directors, from the northern or southern hemisphere, the caliber of these artists is a force to be reckoned with. Their works of art come with a mission not only to entertain, but also to spur reflection and in doing so, they resonate with inescapable truths.

Lean back and let your self be drawn in by these 14 poignant stories that explore universal themes of the human condition. Somewhere between courage and cowardice, it is time for audacity to find its seat in the luring darkness of the cinema.

Let your thoughts run wild: dissect the films, chew them up and swallow them,

digest them and make them your own, but above all, enjoy them…

All That I Love (Wszystko, co kocham)

de Jacek Borcuch • Première suisse
Pologne, 2009, 95’ , vo polonais , st fr

Poland in 1981. Janek is a singer in a subversive punk rock group, but he is also the son of a naval officer. Basia is his girlfriend, and the daughter of a progressive intellectual, as well. more

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Bad Family (Paha Perhe)

de Aleksi Salmenperä • Première suisse
Finland, 2010, 95’ , vo finnois , st fr/ang

Mikael, a Supreme Court judge, wants to prevent a love affair his son Dani is having because he thinks it will have disastrous consequences on his future life. more

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Black Field (Mavro Livadi)

de Vardis Marinakis • Première suisse
Grèce, 2009, 101’ , vo grec/turc , st fr/ang

A love story emerges from the depths of the past, the place where legends come from. It is the forbidden love between two people, a young nun and a soldier, who are each imprisoned in their own lives. more

Prix du Jury des Jeunes

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(c)Philippe Besnard-Cipango-FranceTV

de Alain Tasma • Première suisse
France, 2010, 113’ , vo fr , st ang

Anna, a young high school teacher, returns to school at Seine-Saint-Denis, a risky part of town and a difficult job, a place where violence reigns among young people who know they have no future perspectives. One of her students, Lakdar, is more sensitive than the others. more

Prix TV5 Monde

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de Kasper Holten • Première internationale
Danemark, 2010, 90’ , vo ang , st fr

Juan is a fantastic artist and a womanizer, as well. He is working on his masterpiece: a gigantic data base containing films of all his conquests! But this ambitious project has a price that this modern Don Juan must pay as he goes on frantically pursuing his own pleasures…This is an adaptation of more

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La Belle Endormie

de Catherine Breillat • Première suisse
France, 2010, 82’ , vo fr , st ang

Once upon a time, at the birth of Princess Anastasia, the cruel Carabosse put an evil spell on her, saying that she would die on her 16th birthday. Three fairies rescue her at the last minute, and instead of dying, Anastasia goes to sleep for a 100 years. more

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La vie des poissons (La vida de los peces)

de Matías Bize • Première suisse
Chili/France, 2010, 84’ , vo esp , st fr/ang

Back in Chile before he makes a permanent move to Europe, Andrés attends a party at some friends’ house. Within this enclosed space, the camera follows the young man as he moves from encounter to encounter, ever becoming more aware of who he really is. more

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Miss Kicki

de Håkon Liu • Première suisse
Suède/Taiwan, 2009, 88’ , vo swedish/english/ mandarin , st ang/fr

After 12 years in the USA, Kicki is back in Sweden, where she is with her son Viktor once again. In order to get closer to the young boy, Kicki suggests that they go to Taiwan together. more

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Stolen Dreams (Sonhos Roubados)

de Sandra Werneck • Première suisse
Brésil, 2010, 90’ , vo portugais , st fra/ang

Jessica, Sabrina and Daiane are three girls who spend their time walking around in the poor parts of Rio de Janeiro after work and chores at home. We are far from the usual sensational or emotional take on life in the favelas here. more

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The Albanian (Der Albaner)

de Johannes Naber • Première suisse
Allemagne/Albanie, 2010, 105’ , vo albanais/all , st fr/ang

An Albanian, Arben, is in love with Etleva, who is expecting his baby. In order to marry her, he has to pay her father a large amount of money. So he leaves his country for Germany in order to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible there. more

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The Taqwacores

de Eyad Zahra • Première suisse
USA, 2010, 83’ , vo ang , st fr

Just how can you reconcile reading the Koran, wearing the Burqa, and praying regularly with a life of anarchy, guitar riffs, squats, sex, and alcohol? By following Yusef, a young Pakistani-American student, who has just landed on the planet of Taqwacore more

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The Temptation of St. Tony (Püha Tõnu kiusamine)

de Veiko Õunpuu • Première suisse
Estonie/Finlande/Suède, 2009, 114' , vo estonian , st fr/russe

Tony lives a prosperous and rather quiet life. He has reached middle age, and suddenly goes through a crisis that makes him think about moral issues. Is it possible to be a good person? And just what does that mean? As he sets out to find an answer more

Prix FIPRESCI de la critique internationale

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de Vikramaditya Motwane • Première suisse
India, 2010, 137’ , vo hindi , st fr/ang

Because he went out to the movies without getting permission, Rohan, 17 years old, is expelled from his boarding school. So he has to go back to his father’s house, where he meets Arjun, his 6-year-old half-brother. more

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de Groó Diana • Première suisse
Hongrie/Serbie, 2010, 85’ , vo hongrois , st fr/ang

It’s a lucky day for Lali, a 12-year old Gypsy: the winning ticket in his hands will get him a scooter! In order to redeem his ticket, the boy goes to the big city of Budapest all by himself, also in hopes of finding his father more

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