Best International Short Competition

A Tale of Harvest

de Niemczyk Aleksandra • Première suisse
Norvège, 2010, 13’ , vo sans dialogues

A man decides to plant a tree in infertile soil.

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Choice Night

de Christopher Dudman • Première internationale
Nouvelle-Zélande, 2010, 15’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man is torn between spending an evening with his friends and going on his first date with the girl he is attracted to.

Reflet d'Or du Meilleur court métrage international

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Cigarette Candy

de Lauren Wolkstein • Première suisse
USA, 2009, 14’ , vo ang , st fr

A young man who has just come back from the war is completely out of synch with his friends who hold a welcome back party for him.

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El Tránsito

de León Siminiani • Première suisse
Espagne, 2009, 12’ , vo ang , st fr

How capitalism has cleverly created public transportation to keep us from rising up in revolt.

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Hinterhof (Backyard)

de Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu • Première mondiale
Allemagne, 2010, 16’ , vo russe , st ang

A woman is secretly in love with her neighbour. When his girl friend leaves him, she jumps at the chance.

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Laharog dvora (To kill a bumble bee)

de Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit • Première romande
Israel, 2009, 7’ , vo hébreu/thai , st ang

Two friends are hunting in the forest. They shoot at something – but is it game?

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Leave not a Cloud Behind

de Pablo González • Première suisse
France, 2010, 7’ , vo fr

A young man is in a coma. In his dreams, he keeps meeting a woman who suddenly disappears.

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Mar Blindado (Shielded Sea)

de Gerard Uzcategui • Première européenne
Vénézuela, 2009, 11’ , vo esp , st ang

A security agent in a bank dreams about the ocean and about getting away. Then bank robbers break in.

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de Halima Ouardiri • Première romande
Canada, 2010, 15’ , vo tachelhit , st fr

A young boy brings an owl home. However, his father is a superstitious man and sees the animal as an evil omen for the whole family.
This film obtained theMost Promising Director of a Canadian Short Film Award at Vancouver International Film Festival.

Prix TSR du Meilleur court métrage international

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Nuit Blanche

de Samuel Tilman • Première mondiale
Belgique, 2010, 20’ , vo fr

A group of mountaineers gets stuck high up in the mountains at nightfall. The rescue centre down in the valley gets a phone call.

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Os olhos do farol (The eyes of the lighthouse)

de Pedro Serrazina • Première suisse
Portugal/Pays-Bas, 2010, 15’ , vo sans paroles

A lighthouse guard lives on an inhospitable island with his only daughter.

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Veda (Farewell)

de Eren Ataç • Première internationale
Turquie, 2010, 5’ , vo sans dialogues

A solitary man is alone on a square. What can he be waiting for?

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